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Everyone needs to be seen, heard, noticed, understood, loved and touched.

There are deep reasons for the situations that do not progress in our relationships and make us stuck. 

Since our childhood, we have been suffocated by taking on many roles to adapt to family and living environments, away from our own essence. 

Our negative childhood experiences, crossing our boundaries, and difficulties in saying no and yes create deep contradictions and problems in our relationships as adults.

The importance of space, border, ISACAS, Rıza opens a new way for us to approach our own essence and to handle our lives consciously.  

In the light of this information, we can reach Tantra information, our inner revolution, by moving forward with love and pleasure   at every moment of life.

It is a journey that paves the way for transformation by raising the quality of touch, breath-sound-movement, and the path of true sexuality, and paving the way for transformation. 

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