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About Suzan

Yoga, Homeopathy, Reiki, NLP, EFT, Family constellation, Shamanic trainings, Life and Relationship coaching, Inner child traumas, Recall healing, Relationship dynamics, Divine woman studies, since 2000 in order to find my own center, balance and have a healthy life. He participated in domestic and international trainings and workshops on Tantra and Riza circle.

İlişkiler ve Tantra Online Eğitim

6-13-20 Aralık 2023

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İlişkiler üzerine birbirinden renkli konuklarım ile birlikte keyifli sohbetler serisi Spotify'da seni bekliyor!

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Top above view yoga position Child Pose


As a result of many trainings I received, I embarked on the path of healing. In the light of these, I proceed on my own path. Now, my task is to ensure that the one who is ready to meet him, where my paths cross, flows in his path.

Antilop Kanyonu

Relationships and Tantra Education

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“There is no body to heal when it is sick. 

There is a memory to forgive, a past to thank, a mind to clear.”

Bert Hellinger

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Istanbul Turkey

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