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It is a journey to yourself. Although it may seem like a physical work at first, it affects me all. While doing yoga, you saw a time when you didn't think about the things you think about all the time. 

For me yoga is fitness. A valuable time for myself where the mind calms down as well as physical stretching and strengthening. 

We all have different anatomies. Just as each of us has a different fingerprint, so is the anatomical structure of each of us. Some have bodies that are very flexible, strong, and capable of doing the most difficult asanas. But there are also people who can't have these, who have had an accident, who have had surgery, who have physical limitations, who are older, and who may complain of being overweight.

 My aim  is to rejuvenate the joints without engaging in excessive asanas, balance posture disorders, and open a window to people of all ages and situations with exercises that add flexibility and energy to the body. While doing this, we will not neglect to breathe properly, to take a journey with our breath in our body, and to calm our minds. 

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