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Homeopathy has been developing as a branch of medicine for over 200 years. 

Homeopathy believes that each individual has a life force and when that life force gets out of balance, they show symptoms that we call 'discomfort'. In fact, this is how the body communicates with us.  

Homeopathy is founded on the complete cure of the complaints that bother the person in a fast, gentle and reliable way without harming the patient. 

With homeopathy, balancing is achieved by stimulating the life force.  

Homeopathy is very effective especially in children and acute situations. 

They are the ailments that occur suddenly, acutely, due to external factors . For example, traffic accident, fall- impact, shock situation  (in cases such as earthquake, shock after witnessing an accident, complaints after insult), sudden loss, animal bites, sunstroke into acute complaints.


If you have the Homeopathy First Aid kit  at hand, you will have the chance to give immediate first aid. Because the acute situation passes into the chronic dimension between 4 and 6 hours. It's up to us to prevent it. 

During the pandemic, we had the chance to help many people who have a Homeopathic First Aid kit with the medicines in the bag. 

My aim is to make homeopathy more recognizable and to spread the knowledge that can always use this treasure we have.

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